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Vegas Craps 1 

By Caiifornia Dreams 1 

Update for Apple® IIGS® version 

The Apple IIGS version of Vegas Craps contains some 
variations not mentioned in the User's Manual. 

Errata to page 14 & 15 of the User's Manual 
Page 14: This is a correction to figure 3. The section of the 
table on which to place bets has been changed in order to 
accurately reflect the betting areas of a Las Vegas casino. 








- Buy bets on the don't come placed here 
-Odds on don't come placed here 

-Dont come beta moved here 

- tlace beta placed here 

-Buy bet placed here 

-Odds on come placed here 
-Come bet moved here 

If you place an invalid bet, one that exceeds the limit for a bet 
or is not a proper multiple for a bet, an error message will 
appear. If you ignore this and try to roll the dice, the cursor 
will go back to the section of the table containing the invalid 
bet. You must change the bet so it is no longer invalid. To 
find out more about maximum betting limits and bets that 
must be placed in a multiple of a number, select the help 
feature and then select the area of the table on which the bet 
you would like information on is placed. 

Page 15: The payoff for place bets is sightly different than 
stated in the manual. 

For a 4 or a 10, the house pays 9 to 5. 
For a 5 or a 9, the house pays 7 to 5. 
For a 6 or an 8, the house pays 7 to 6. 

These changes have been made to make the game identical to 
Craps as played in Las Vegas casinos. 

Sound/Music Off Option 
The IIGS version allows you to toggle the music or sound for 
the game on or off by using the M or S key. To turn the music 
or sound off, press the M or S key respectively. To turn 
either the music or sound back on, press the appropriate key 
again. Note, that these options will only work when the 
cursor (cither the hand or chip) is displayed on the screen. 

Removing a Chip From the Table 
To remove the most recently placed chip from the table, press 
either the minus (-) key or the apple key along with the 
mouse button. 

Exiting the Place/Buy Mode 
To exit from the Place/Buy mode, click on the Place/Buy 
button at the bottom of the screen. 

Apple Copyright Notice 
Apple Computer, Inc. makes no warranties, cither express or implied, 
regarding the enclosed computer software package, its merchantability 
or its fitness for any particular purpose. The exclusion of implied 
warranties is not permitted by some states. The above exclusion may 
not apply to you. This warranty provides you with specific legal 
rights. There may be other rights that you may have which vary from 
state to state. 

APPLE IIGS SYSTEM DISK are , copyrighted programs of Apple 
Computer, Inc. licenced to Logical Design Works, Inc. to distribute for 
use only in combination with Vegas Craps. Apple Software shall not be 
copied onto another diskette (except for archive purposes) or into 
memory unless as part of the execution of Vegas Craps. When Vegas 
Craps has completed execution, Apple Software shall not be, used by 
any other program. 

Vegas Craps and California Dreams arc trademarks of Logical Design 
Works, Inc. 

Apple and IIGS are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. 

©1988 Logical Design Works, Inc. 
©1983-1987 Apple Computer, Inc.